Saturday, November 30, 2013

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.         
  ~W.T. Ellis

Kootenay Gallery of Art -120 Heritage Way, Castelgar, BC
Phone:  250-365-3337

©Chrysanthemums ~ A Bowl Of Pure Joy by Laura Leeder
Ltd. Edition Giclee’ Print  #3/100
Retail: $175.00
Framed: 15” x 16.75”
*Available for purchase at the Kootenay Gallery Of Art 
  A selection of my Original Paintings, Giclee Prints, Notecards and Bookmarks
*Over 100 local artists and local craftspeople.  Ends December 24, 2013 

Key City Theatre Art Gallery, 20-14th Avenue North, Cranbrook, BC
The Key City Gallery spans the upper lobby of the theatre.
Phone: 250-426-7006

©Apple Lace by Laura Leeder
Original Watercolour 
Retail: $195.00 
Framed: 10.75" x 11.5"
*Available for purchase at the Key City Theatre Gallery Cranbrook
 This is one of the 3 paintings of mine that are included in this show and sale. 
* If you are looking for affordable art and unique gifts for the holiday season, check out this show in Cranbrook.  All art if priced under $300 dollars.  The show ends December 20, 2013.  

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend, 

Creatively Yours, 
Laura Leeder, Creston, BC
*In the heart of the Kootenays! 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chintz Teacup Study ~ Practice Makes Perfect

"To gain confidence, constant practice is essential. Just as a musician needs to practice regularly to retain his touch, the watercolourist needs to be constantly in touch with the medium."  ~Robert Lovett

©Chintz Tea Study-A Work In-Progress
  By Laura Leeder, November 23,2013

I am getting an early start on my Teacup Painting for the 2014 Pink Garden Tea Fundraiser.  If you have been following my blog through the summer of 2013 you will remember that I photographed several different set-ups with both a chintz teacup and teapot loaned to me by Glory Jacklin.

For my first attempt, I chose this simple set-up with a small pink rose.  I started by pre-wetting the background and charging in pale washes of Daniel Smith Indanthrone Blue, Deep Sap Green and Burnt Sienna.  I repeated this step a second time before moving to the teacup and rose.  Using a variety of yellows, pinks and blues and working slowly, I continue to develop each.  I added the shadow under the cup to help settle it and allow me to better judge the values on my teacup. 

I have just started to add the greens to the floral pattern and I'm working on the gold edging.   I'm ready to remove the miskit and see where I'm at.  I'm concerned that the cup  is still reading flat and that I haven't left enough light on it. While I can deepen the shadows I run the risk of ruining the pattern.  This is why practice is so important!   While I will try to bring this one to a satisfactory stopping point, it will not be my chosen painting for the Pink Tea.  

After all, I have several other set-ups that I would like to explore! Why settle for the first? 
Have a great weekend!

Creatively Yours, 
Laura Leeder

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Golden Mums Watercolour Painting ~ My Tribute To Autumn

"The days may not be so bright and balmy—yet the quiet and melancholy that linger around them is fraught with glory. Over everything connected with autumn there lingers some golden spell—some unseen influence that penetrates the soul with its mysterious power." ~Northern Advocate

©Golden Mums ~ Watercolour & Ink, November 2013
    By Laura Leeder

These golden yellow chrysanthemums have provided me with color both indoors and out these last few months.  I started this painting in October and then set it aside while I worked on other paintings.  This week I sat down with it again and brought it to a satisfactory finishing point.  

As November is considered the birth month for chrysanthemums, I'd say my timing is perfect!  These golden mums are my favorite fall flower as they bloom long after most flowers have faded.  The quiet happiness they provide me gives way to melancholy as I know that their fading blossoms outdoors, means that winter is fast approaching. 

Golden Mums~Watercolour & Ink
200lb Saunders Waterford CP Paper
Size: 9.25 x 8.75 inches

*Prints and notecards coming soon!

Creatively Yours,
Laura Leeder, Watercolour Artist
Creston, BC  *In the heart of the Kootenays!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Love Affair With Apples?

"Satisfaction lies in mindful repetition, the discovery of endless richness in subtle variations on familiar themes."  
~ George B. Leonard

After posting my painting "An Apple A Day" last week, I got to thinking about how much pleasure is derived from this simple, yet ancient fruit.  That led me to thinking about how many times I have included apples in my watercolour paintings.  So just for fun, I thought I'd share some of these apple paintings with you!       

©Healthy Pleasures, Watercolour 2010 -  Sold
   By Laura Leeder

©The Chosen Few, Watercolour 2009 - Sold
   By Laura Leeder

©Golden Delicious and Quince, Watercolour 2010 - Sold
   By Laura Leeder

©Double Delicious, Watercolour 2007 - Sold
   By Laura Leeder

©Quality Controllers, 7.75x9 inches, Watercolour 2010
   By Laura Leeder

©Tasters Choice, Watercolour 2010 - Sold
   By Laura Leeder

©Ambrosia-A Taste Of BC, 8x9.5 inches, Watercolour 2011
   By Laura Leeder

©Apple Lace II, 4.75x5.5 inches, Watercolour 2011
   By Laura Leeder

©Golden Delicious, 8.25x6.5 inches, Watercolour 2012
   By Laura Leeder

©An Apple A Day, 6.75x7 inches, Watercolour 2013
   By Laura Leeder

Apples - A pleasure to look at, an enjoyable and nutritious treat to eat, plus, they are delightfully fun to paint! Especially when I can acquire one from an orchard with the stem and leaves attached!  With so many varieties to choose from, there continues to be a number of color possibilities to explore in painting them. Looking at these paintings together here, has just given me an idea for another apple painting!

"With repetition, the alternate approaches become clear, options open." ~Robert Genn

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your week!   

Creatively Yours, 
Laura Leeder
Creston, BC *In the Heart of the Kootenays!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just One Of My Favorites Things ~ An Apple A Day!

"Whatever direction your life takes, your underlying themes remain. Discover and explore your themes to open the way for rich creative development."   Nita Leland

©An Apple A Day, Watercolour,October 2013  
   By Laura Leeder 

Living amongst the Orchards does have it's benefits.  There is an abundance of hardy fruits and vegetables available at the market stalls right now and over the last few week's I can honestly say that I have been enjoying "an apple a day".  From sweet, crisp delicious reds to juicy, honey flavored golden yellows.  I enjoy them all.  It's my favorite mid-day snack along with a few thin slices of a good aged white cheddar and a cup of Cream Earl Grey tea.  Mmm  mmm mmm!  

This painting is part of my new series of small works that feature some of "my favorite things"

An Apple A Day

Size: 8.5 x 8.5 inches, Original Watercolour  
200lb Saunders Waterford WC Paper

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day!
Laura Leeder, Watercolour Artist
Creston, BC  *In the heart of the Kootenays            
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